Here's to 2022

I haven’t much had the mindset for music (or social media) since the COVID-related death of a family member in mid-September. (Some details are in an earlier post.) I am trying to get back at it, and look forward to…

20 Days

20 Days. 

That's how long it took my brother's wife to go from being defiantly anti-Covid vax, to ICU, to pleading with others to get vaccinated, to her death. 20 days. For all 20 of those days, she was alone…

Miles and Memories

Took a break from my mini road trip this past weekend to give my legs a stretch. I managed to find a nice patch of grass and spent some time reading Mary Gauthier's brilliant memoir, Saved By A Song

Where the Sound Takes You

I’m a Gibson Acoustic guy, tried and true. I’ve never played a Takamine I really liked, and I could take or leave Martin guitars. And, I’ve avoided slotted headstocks except on my two nylon string guitars. And yet, somehow my…

this storm is you

Northeast Ohio has been a flood zone for the past 10 days or so. Friends have had to deal with property damages, loss of food due to power outages, gigs have been cancelled, and it's been generally tough going. One…


works in progress

Work continues on arranging some of the new songs, and getting the recordings going. This blog is where you'll find links to the individual tracks as they are released, beginning this autumn. I will also update my Twitter and Instagram